One of the most enjoyable hobbies I have is Basketball. :0   I love playing it (games), shooting in some hoops, running courts, one-on-one, laying up, etc, etc… A few years ago, when I first started to play basketball, I realized it is a good way to knock out some stress by moving some muscles :). Even though it is a disadvantage for small people and gets tiring very fast, it’s a sport which is fun to watch (NBA), and fun to do (Swish~).

It may be a little hard to do if it’s your first time, because it requires some strength, speed and accuacy. But still, if u practice over time and start to feel like you’re having fun and become comfortable with it, it’ll be great!


When it comes to getting rowdy… r you more of Malvolio or Sir. Toby???.. hmm.. I think I’m somewhere in between two of those characters. hehe;; because I don’t really like playing around with bunch of people with loud music and anything like that. I don’t feel very comfortable with people I don’t know that much, and having party is not my way of having fun and enjoying. I perfer hanging out with my friends, play sport, or going to network with friends;;; ^^. However, it doen’t mean I hate having party, just not so often.

Feste, the Fool, sings a song for the rest of the fools (Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, and Fabian). And funnily, the song’s about love. I think love song does not match with the mood in the scene, where alcohol, laughter is going on the whole time. Loud music such as rock and hip hop would fit in better than a love song to the mood (even though there is only four people in the party :() because fools are all drunk and hyper.

The song reflects on a woman who waits for her lover to come. The woman in this play fits best countess Olivia, Feste’s lord. She has fallen in love with Cesario, who is disguised woman. “O stay and hear, your true love’s coming, That can sing both high and low” (2.3.34-35). The lover repersent Viola/Cesario. Because Cesario is actually a woman, she can sing high, and low.

I think the whole scene itself is very funny because its all about fools being drunk and foolish, when strict steward Malvolio comes and be angry at them. Coversation between Malvolio and the fools are funny because the fools (especially Sir Toby) cunningly make fun of Malvolio. “Sneck Up!!!” – Sir Toby

Feste…fool or not???

  1. How long do you think he has been in Olivia’s household?
  2. Is Feste a carefree fool with no troubles?
  3. Does he have a brain?
  4. If you were a director of this play either on stage or in film, who would you cast for Feste?  (Someone you know? A Hollywood actor? Your brother?)  How would you costume him/ her?
  5. Find some clues in the script that suggest action for Feste — particularly action that brings out the sillyness and merry-making in Feste’s nature.  If you were a director, what would you want the Fool to be doing physically in this scene?

1.By the look of Feste’s free and straightforward conversations in Act 1 scene 5, I suspect he must have been in Olivia’s household for at least a few years. Feste notices the situation happening around him quickly as well as other people’s thoughts and feelings. (He makes fun of Maria and proves that Olivia is a fool).

2. Because he is carefree and playful, everyone does not care even if feste plays foolish and mess around. Sometimes people invite him to parties so he would cheer them up. (Sir Toby and sir Andrew invites him)

3. Feste looks very foolish in the outside, but definately has brain.  He delicately makes puns and respond/react to people’s speeches quikly and smartly.

Yellow Coats

During the last few smooth summer holidays in Korea, my home country 😛 , I experienced lots of fun stuff with my families, friends, and other close people, and it was so fun. Throughout those cool experiences that seemed to have gone so fast, silly merrymaking activities cannot be excluded.(!) Similar to what can be seen occasionally in my school UNIS (United Nations International School), the Spirit Week, where we dress up as the theme we choose such as cross gender :0 , twins, professional, pajamas, nerds; some  events I experienced in Korea could possibly count as slight silliness.

There are lots of entertainment areas that you can go visit and have some fun, like amusement parks, museums, water parks, cinemas, game centers, etc. Of coarse I went to all of them ^^, but I like the time when I went to one of the biggest amusement parks in Korea; Everland. Once I got to the place, where people seemed over crowded, many different activities and rides kept going untill 8-9 pm. One of the biggest event/merrymaking took place during the day time in Everland, the water parade.

Everyone wore rain coats under a bright sun shine, getting ready for a big water fight. Shops around the park were all sold out of water guns and yellow rain coats.

As soon as the clock stoke 3, chaotic water splashes covered the entire amusement park, making most of the people wet regardless to their rain coats. Laughing, splashing and spraying went on untill when the sun slowly began to set (4:30-5). Even though other fun activities (plays, rides, fire crackers)  went on ’till 9 pm, this part of wacky time really stayed as a memory.

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